Tuesday, May 27, 2008

mountain oasis

Jarrad and I were invited to a wedding over the weekend, which was conveniently located just minutes from PopPop and Uma's house. We had a lovely couple of days. Rachel ran PopPop and Uma ragged, and, likewise, Rachel was run ragged, too. PopPop and Uma live in the mountains, in the most perfect spot in the best little neghborhood, with a little duck pond right in the middle and a big creek running right under their bedroom window. They've carved out a little oasis behind their home, with a deck and a small garden, and a little pebble yard. It looks like it's right out of a magazine, and it feels like a vacation every time we go.

While there, Rachel fed ducks, watered flowers, went for a ride on the paddle boat, and went to a party in PopPop and Uma's neighborhood. What fun!

non-toy toy of the day

Although PopPop and Uma have some toys they've bought for their house, and although we brought toys with us, Rachel spent most of her time playing with the box from the portable crib PopPop and Uma bought for Rachel's visit. First, it was a bed. Rachel requested a pillow and blanket, and pretended to snore, holding Sleepy Elmo and Blanky tight. Then, it made a the most wonderful house. She invited all her friends (stuffed animals) to join her, and then threw them all out again. She moved everyone in and out many times, even at times demanding that they individually ask permission to enter (she sometimes answered, "no" to their requests, to which her friends responded with dramatic crying, delighting Rachel. She picked up each one, hugged, patted its back, and declared it, "happy" before tossing it in the pile with the others). It then became an empty sandbox of sorts, when she asked to take it outside to play in the pebbles. Uma gave Rachel several containers--bowls, cups, and spoons--and Rachel had the time of her life, sitting in the box, pouring pebbles, serving pebble soup, and sipping pebble tea. Later, the box became a sliding board, and each of her friends (stuffed animals) got a turn sliding down to Uma and PopPop. Rachel cackled, and eventually convinced Uma to let her "slide" down too. By the end of our time there, the box was completely worn out, as I'm pretty sure everyone else was too.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mommy's day

Jarrad and I have long sworn off non-holidays like Valentine's Day, but there's something a little special about Mother's Day. I guess it's because there's just something special about a mommy. I think I have the best mommy there ever was. She taught me to take care of myself and to think for myself. She taught me to view the world through the Truth, and to filter everything--everything--through that, regardless of whatever is popular at the moment. She taught me that God doesn't change, and that I can trust in that timeless Truth, and in His son, Jesus Christ, who was the Truth, in the flesh, fulfilling the prophesies of hundreds of years before.

I pray that I can be that kind of mother to Rachel. I don't want to just love her. I don't want to just teach her to enjoy life. I don't want to just make her well-behaved. I want her to follow the Truth, and to value truth, and to live out truth in her life by trusting in Christ. I know I can't do any of this, but praise God that I can trust in Him to lead me through it, and to show me the way amidst the many mistakes I have made and will make.

I love being a mommy.

strange moment

On a less-serious note, Tia Milli came for a visit this weekend, and witnessed Rachel's wit at its best. In preparation for bedtime last night, we escorted Rachel upstairs and sat her on the potty, where she went poopy, as hoped. She looked down and commented, "poopy in there." We agreed with her. Then, Rachel got a sly grin on her face, and she said, "eat poopy." "What Rachel?" "Eat poopy!" she repeated, grinning. "Eat POOPY??? Eww Rachel!" Delighted at my reaction, she repeated her new catch phrase several times, and then she put her fingers to her mouth and made munching noises, then swallowed, and showed us her tongue, saying, "all gone." GROSS. I tried to explain to her that these are things that boys usually talk about, not us girls, but she just kept repeating, "eat poopy."

While most of Rachel's vocabulary includes imitations of my own vocabulary, I can assure you that I have never--never--said, "eat poopy." That is a Rachel original.

I love being a mommy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Rachel cooks.

Rachel shops. Rachel does laundry.

Rachel sorts Daddy's coupon spoils.