Monday, December 29, 2008

come and gone

I feel like we missed Christmas, somehow. First, Rachel got a terrible cold--her second since Carly was born, and also her second since she was about 18 months old! I don't know how she has managed to stay sick now, of all times, but she has, and she can't seem to shake the cough and runny nose, even though she's better. She was probably well enough to handle our Christmas rounds, but then Carly and I woke up sick on Christmas Eve! I noticed Carly's congestion the day before, but hoped I was just being over-sensitive to her little grunty noises. She ended up with a nasty-sounding cough and belabored breathing. SCARY! I have a couple of friends who have babies who stay sick with one thing or another (you know who you are!), and I don't know how they deal with it! I guess it's true that the Lord only gives us what we can handle, because I am such a wimp. Jarrad did end up taking Rachel to his family's Christmas at his Grandma's house on Christmas Eve, but we sat out the rest of the celebrations last week. I was the sickest I've been in years, and my wonderful husband, who is on "vacation" right now, waited on me hand and foot, while keeping Rachel thoroughly entertained and happy (albeit, a little messier than usual). When I finally snapped out of the haze yesterday, I looked around and could not believe the condition of our home. What happened around here?? It is messy and dirty, and a bit overwhelming to think of all the chores that need doing, but I'll write it off for now, and hope for a little grace from any visitors we may have in the coming days.

And little Carly? After two reassuring visits to the pediatrician's office (a place I usually try very hard to avoid), she is getting better. Apparently RSV, which causes bronchiolitis, in babies, is going around. The doc says the emergency rooms have been full of infants needing oxygen because of it!! It's a good thing that I was sick too, since my body was producing antibodies that she got through my breastmilk, and that was probably be enough to keep Carly in the clear, according to her pediatrician. Phew! I think it's amazing how God designed my body to cope and help my baby cope with a virus like this.

Here are some pictures from our boring Christmas (notice Rachel at Jarrad's grandma's house...yes, those are ALL her presents). Although I was really sad to miss our family gatherings (I'm pretty sure I've never missed mine), it actually was a really sweet time for us to be together as just our little family, excusing ourselves from any activity other than just being a family. It was nice to reflect on the season and what we really celebrate this time of year, instead of rushing from place to place being inundated with stuff we probably never needed in the first place.

(Also of our family = none, pictures of our pretty Christmas tree = none, pictures of either parent with either daughter = none. Pitiful, I know. We really need to try harder with the sentimental stuff...maybe we'll try to recreate some of these moments tomorrow.)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

keeping me busy

I don't have much excuse for not blogging. I've felt bogged down by the season, I guess--trying to get everything squared away for our six (yes, six) family get-togethers. In the meantime, we have at least been snapping photos, even if I've failed to post any. Here are three of my favs from the past three weeks. The first is a picture of the first time we ventured outside to play (okay, and older pic, but still worth commemorating). Rachel is on her second cold since Carly was born (my Rachel, who had not been sick at ALL since before she turned 2--in JUNE), so we've been kind of a mess around here. So the three of us have felt housebound (I'm not very adventurous with my babies anyway), and it was starting to show on my big girl. She kept saying, "Mommy, I want to go somewhere." So we spent 15 minutes outside playing that day. It was cold, and she was ready to come inside. Carly was bundled and snug as a bug in the sling, and the crisp air made her still and calm. It's also been hard to keep my snotty big girl out of Carly's face, and I gave it up, since I don't want to discourage her too much from loving on her little sister. Carly has stayed well, and I'm hoping that won't change. Do babies this tiny get colds? I feel like I'm rambling, so, without further adieu...