Wednesday, August 31, 2011

breakfast chatter

At the breakfast table this morning with Rachel (5yo) and Carly (2.5yo)...
  • Mommy: The Bible says we should do everything "as unto the Lord." How can we do that?
  • Rachel: Praise God!

  • Mommy: How can we praise God in everything we do?

  • Rachel: Pray and read the Bible.

  • Mommy: How about when we do other things? How do you play when you play with your sister?

  • Rachel: Be kind!

  • Mommy: YES! That's one way we can do everything "as unto the Lord." When we are kind to each other, God feels that we love Him, and we always want God to feel that we love Him, right?

  • Rachel: But we can't always be kind. We can't always make good choices.

  • Mommy: Why not?

  • Rachel: Well, because, we always sin just a little bit. I can't always make good choices.

  • Mommy: That's true! But we can always try, can't we.

  • Carly: But someone taked away our bad choices. Someone did.

  • Mommy: Yeah? Who did?

  • Carly: Jesus did.

  • Mommy: And how did He do that?

  • Carly: He died on the cross.

  • Mommy: Yes He did! And He rose from the dead so that we can have eternal life!

Thank you, God, for these precious children and their sweet faith. Thank you for the simplicity of your Gospel--that my children can know it and understand it. I pray that they own it and know that it was for THEM that you sent your Son--that you, Jesus, died for Rachel and for Carly and for James. What good news!!