Thursday, August 28, 2008


A friend of mine emailed me last week requesting that I guest-author an entry about potty training for the Prayer of Hannah blog, an informational blog written by five devoted mommies. I was super-flattered to be asked, and I had such fun recounting the thought processes that drove our potty training choices. Thank you, Christina, for the opportunity to write!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


For memory's sake, here is Rachel's current show-off routine:

  1. one somersault
  2. one split
  3. jumping several times (perhaps saying, "hibbit, hibbit!")
  4. running in circles
  5. crawling in circles
  6. repeat

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i uv ooo

When I left Rachel in her room for nap time today, she played happily [and loudly] for several minutes before falling asleep, which is not unusual. Today, however, she added a new twist: in the middle of her play, she started sweetly yelling, "MOOOOMMY! MOMMY! MOOOOOOMMY! I UV OOO, MOMMY! I UV OOO!" As she probably predicted in her mind, I melted when I heard it. I did, however, resist the desire to go snuggle her to pieces, which disappointed her into her more usual pre-sleep whine. Still, it made me feel pretty warm and fuzzy...

Here is sweet Rachel, enjoying one of MY yummy, gourmet chocolate birthday cupcakes baked by Ms. Lynn. She was pretty Stokked. ;)

Monday, August 18, 2008

to the beach and beyond

Since my last post, we've had a most relaxing family vacation at the beach, Rachel's first real experience. We went last year, but she was still just so enthralled to be walking and independent, that she mostly walked circles on the beach, in our condo, and wherever else we were. She hardly noticed the water and the sand last year, but this year, she was fascinated by all of it. She loved swimming, especially in the pool, where she figured out how to slowly get herself around with the aid of her swimmies and nothing else. "Rachel do it by yourself" was her catch phrase for the week, and she did: she jumped in, she swam, she dug holes in the sand, and she collected seashells, all "by yourself."

I theorize that this vacation will go down in history as our easiest because we had three of us hanging out with just 2-year-old Rachel all week (GiGi came with us), and sweet, young, innocent Rachel was perfectly content to play and enjoy her surroundings at all times. When she wanted to go from the ocean to the pool, we went, and when she wanted Daddy to play with her, he did. Next year, and forevermore, she will have to share everything. And I'm sure that, just when we think it should get easier--when the kids are old enough to kind of take care of themselves--they'll start getting grand, conflicting ideas of all the things they'd rather be doing. One will want Daddy to come to the pool, while one will refuse to leave the beach, and another will just want to go inside for lunch, or maybe off to the local beach junk store. And so, in honor of the most relaxing vacation ever, a video by Daddy...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

bags & bellies

I have had an itch to sew lately, but the room that houses my sewing machine is a disaster. While Jarrad was home and occupying Rachel yesterday afternoon, I cleared a path, and last night, as soon as my little precious baby went to bed, I hopped online to find a bag I could make out of an upholstery remnant I bought a long long time ago. Here is the finished product. It was SO much fun! I used this tutorial, and I think I'm going to modify the dimensions a bit and make a good sized diaper bag for our next baby. I also might venture into making some fitted diapers soon too, but we'll see!

As for Rachel, here is a better picture of her post-haircut style. See her bouncy little curls in the back?? I love it! She isn't exactly showing them off in the picture--she was turning from the camera so I couldn't take her picture. Silly are some random funny Rachel sayings:

  • "Calm down, Mommy."
  • "One more cookie, Mommy--that's all."
  • "Bother you, bother you," (when her undies are riding up)
  • (After singing an unknown song with unintelligible lyrics), "Know that song, Mommy?"
  • "Ohhhh, how cuuuute!"
  • "Spiderweb, eat the 'squitos. STAY OUTSIDE!"

As for the new baby...well...she's a'growin.' I hate this picture of me, but, in case you were wanting to see, here's my big baby belly, at almost 28 weeks (my hair is at 7 weeks; I had to sadly cancel my appointment last week because Rachel was sick). Rachel is fascinated by it, and is constantly asking to "see Mommy's baby." She talks to my belly, hugs it, kisses it. She says, "snuggle heeeeer," and then rubs her nose on my belly button. It's nice that she's so interested. When we ask her "What should we name our new baby, Rachel?" she always replies, "Baby Sister!" Not much help, but cute, all the same.

Friday, August 1, 2008

cut the hair

I kept it kind of hush hush because I wasn't sure I'd go through with it--Rachel got her first haircut this afternoon! The bottom of the back was getting so long and wispy, and her whole head kinda looked like it had feathers on it sometimes. Sooooo...she got a haircut. And now, her little curls are curlier and bouncier, and I feel good about the decision. I'll have to take a better after picture, but, honestly, it doesn't look much different...

A word about the title of this post: When I go for a haircut, my friend Theresa often comes over to babysit Rachel while I'm gone. For days after, whenever I am getting ready to go anywhere, Rachel asks, "Mommy cut the hair?" I haven't had a haircut in 6 weeks, though, and she's talking much better now. She is more accurate when she describes her own experience today as a "haircut."