Tuesday, January 3, 2012

for the record

James was determined to make mischief yesterday, and I'm not so sure it's not a trend, but anyway..

I was in the kitchen yesterday afternoon (as I am many many afternoons), and James came in and spotted the unlocked pots cabinet. He shrieked (he has this great alarm-like scream that he reserves for when he spots something he has access to which he knows he should not have access to) and went right over to open the cabinet. I caught him in time, of course, since I was right next to him. So he quickly gave up that fight and ran over to the cabinet under the sink, which contains all of the chemicals. I keep it locked with one of those plastic cabinet-locker-thingys that slides around the handles. James, with all of his 16-month might, rips open the doors, busting the lock into two pieces. He was so pleased. Sweet Rachel ran right to my bathroom to get a ponytail holder so I could tie it shut...phew! He then went right to removing my pans from their drawer. He later disappeared briefly, and I caught him running around with a stick of butter (but that was on the counter...he's not tall enough...is he??). He thought he was such big stuff on that one. Then later, when I was removing the freshly-baked brownies to a plate, little James was pitching an absolute fit--tantrum--to have some brownie. I had given him a couple of bites, but then I said no more. He was throwing himself around and scream-crying--so dramatic was he. He got over it fairly quickly, though, and I thought to myself, "well that didn't last long...I'm glad he got over that!" I finished filling the plate with brownies, and then I glanced over to see my boy stuffing his face with a brownie that he apparently was able to swipe from the plate!! He was in a ZONE chowing down on that thing, so when I said, "JAMES!" it startled him good-fashioned, and he looked up at me, as guilty and he could be! Today, the child pushed a chair over to the fridge and commenced playing with the ice/water dispenser, right behind my back while I was doing something else! STINKER!!!

*sigh* He sure is cute...

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Natasha said...

You need those eyes in the back of your head that our teachers you used to say they had. :) What a character!